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The Services I offer


I provide corporations with guidance on how to run their IT departments and software development teams more efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and reduced costs. I can help you hire technology talent and build your team.


I have expertise in a variety of programming languages. I offer a suite of services designed to meet the needs of your web, mobile, and embedded projects.

Big Data

I have an extensive background in architecting large scale web services and dealing with big data. I can help you scale your system to support millions of users, collect critical business intelligence and use analytics to grow your business.


I help startups go from conception to minimum viable product (MVP) development. I employ lean methodologies and agile development practices. Need a technical co-founder? I'll help you find one.

Consulting for the Enterprise

Corporations need to run like startups. I enable them to do so.

Lean/Agile Methodology

I can help devise a plan for agile product development and employing lean methodologies in your org. This will help you iterate quickly, incorporate customer feedback, and respond quicker to market changes and competitor threats.

Scalability and Mobility

I can use my expertise in large-scale distributed systems to scale up your product to support millions of users. I can also incorporate mobile and tablet technologies into your product and IT operations.

Cut Technology costs: up to 50%

I can help you identify areas where you can save money by adopting newer technologies. I also help migrate your existing processes to these new systems. My recommendations usually result in cost-savings of up to 50%.

Build your Team

From Developers, to QA, to Product Managers, to Hardware Engineers, to Operations Engineers, setting up a well-oiled engineering organization can be a challenge. I can help you find the right people and put them in the right places.

Hello, I am Chris Garvis...

I'm a technology architect. I have worked with companies like Peach and Moveline. I've helped numerous companies achieve their technology vision.

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